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Shelbyville Rotary Club Holds Busy Meeting

The Shelbyville Rotary Club held a busy Monday meeting on November 18. Although they did not have a speaker they had many items of business to deal with, that kept them busy for the rest of the meeting.


Judi Humphrey opened up the meeting by informing the Club that she places items about what happened at the Rotary meetings on Taylorvilledailynews.com.  Don Behl reminded the Club that their past foreign-exchange student from Australia, Diana Ruehl, will be visiting and be the program keynoter at the next meeting. New member Kim Durbin was in attendance for the first time. She is the manager of the Villas of Hollybrook, in Shelbyville and said that they have opened a new facility in Washington Illinois and it may have experienced some damage from the recent tornado that hit that town.


Denise Bence came up as a nominee for new member to the club. Denise was accepted to the club by unanimous vote. The Shelbyville Rotary Club also voted to retain Liz Nohren as Club Treasury, and Jim Bolinger as Club Secretary.


Liz Nohren will soon be distributing the donation envelopes for the Rotary Foundation and their continued support of polio eradication worldwide.


Tadd Brachbill did a mini program on the Shelbyville wrestling program. He let the Club know that they have 20 young men and one young lady in high school wrestling, 23 in junior high, and approximately 60 in fourth grade and younger.


Kim Durbin announced that the Chamber of Commerce and Hollybrook, are holding a Winter Festival at the Villas of Hollybrook. The event will be from 10 AM to 4 PM on Saturday, December 7 the public is invited. There will be lunch, drinks, and Santa will be there to pose with those interested in having family photographs.


Kristy Gorden is working to set up a Facebook page, for Shelbyville Rotary to let the community know what International Rotary is about, and what Shelbyville Rotary is doing for the community. 

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