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Taylorville Kiwanis Learns About Bees at Weekly Meeting


Pictured Left to Right Kiwanis President Chris Weittenhiller, Caroline Adams, Kiwanis Program Chairman Larry Kemner.


The Taylorville Kiwanis Club had a visit with Caroline Adams, the American Beekeeping Federations 2013 American Honey Queen, on Tuesday November 12th. She spoke about American bee keeping and the importance of bees in pollination. Bee colonies have between 40,000-60,000 bees, which consists of a queen, male drones, and female workers. Female worker bees make up 90% of the colony. They do most the work including cleaning and defending the hive, collecting nectar and pollen, and making honey. There are over 300 unique varieties of honey in the US, each originating from a different floral source. Many of our countries crops would not exist with bees. Bees are responsible for pollinating over 90 different food crops. One third of all food consumed in America is derived from bee pollination. For more information go to www.abfnet.org, www.buzzingacrossamerica.com, and www.taylorvillekiwanis.com.

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