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Halloween Safety Tips from Sheriff Kettelkamp; Trick-or-Treat Times

Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp would like to remind you of the following Halloween Safety tips:


  • You or a responsible adult should always accompany children ages 12 and under when trick-or-treating.


  • Ensure costumes fit well, are flame retardant, and never obscure visibility.


  • Have your trick-or-treater wear reflective clothing and/or carry a light or glowstick


  • Children over the age of 12 who are responsible enough to go without you, should stay in groups, follow an agreed upon route, and watch for cars.


  • Check the Christian County Sheriff’s Office website or the website of your local law enforcement agency, for registered offenders residing in the area.


  • Teach your children to never enter any home without you or without your permission and only approach homes that are well-lit.


  • Remind your children to stay in well-lit areas, never take shortcuts, and never go into isolated areas.


  • Let your children know to tell you or a trusted adult if they see anything weird or unusual.


  • Teach children to bring treats home before eating them. Eat only factory-wrapped treats unless you know the giver well.


  • Teach your children to say NO and GET AWAY from any person or situation making them feel scared, uncomfortable, or confused; even if it means yelling, kicking, attracting attention or any other means of resisting. Trust their feelings and be sure to tell a trusted adult.


  • Consider safe alternatives such as parties at home, school, or community organized events as a safe alternative to Trick-or-Treating.


Trick-or-Treat Hours


Taylorville       Wed, Oct. 30 and Thurs, Oct. 31       6-9 pm


Strasburg         Thursday, Oct. 31                               6-8 p.m.


Pana                Wed, Oct. 30 and Thurs, Oct. 31       6-8 pm


Blue Mound    Wed, Oct. 30 and Thurs, Oct. 31       6-9 pm


Shelbyville      Thursday, Oct. 31                               6-8 pm


Moweaqua      Wed, Oct. 30 and Thurs, Oct. 31       5:30-8 pm


Stonington      Wed, Oct. 30 and Thurs, Oct. 31       5-9 pm

Edinburg          Wed, Oct. 30 and Thurs, Oct. 31       6-9 pm

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