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Reported by member Ted Bogart 

Our Shelbyville Rotary club would like to give a big Rotary thank you to the Shelby Electric Co-Op and our member Josh Shallenberger for providing us with a excellent lunch and very interesting tour of the photovoltaic and alternate energy resources on site at the Co-op. We were introduced to Heidi Hall, the marketing and sales director for the Co-Op. Tom Drenz, the project engineer was the keynote speaker and he made an excellent presentation. The photovoltaic installation was conducted in two phases. Phase 2 of the installation, From June 2012, consists of 156 Sharp 235 W solar panels. This system has an expected production capacity of 52,000 kW hours every year and has a 25 year life expectancy. It is interesting to see how the cost of photovoltaic panels have gone down over recent years. Tom is very excited about the future of photovoltaics and has a system set up at his own residence. If you would like to know more about the system, go to the Shelby electric website at "www.shelbyelectric.coop."


 Since we are no longer singing, to lighten our spirits I have instituted a new event for our Monday meeting. "Pass the Bucks" is our new Monday drawing. Bring a crisp one dollar bill with you so you can participate in our new weekly event. There are very few rules, you put your name in the hat, if your name is drawn, you win! You cannot donate your winnings back to the club. Everybody needs to be a winner and Monday is a good time for that to happen. Good luck to all.

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