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On February 28, Deborah R. Winter, 50, of Tower Hill was traveling eastbound on 900 North Road approximately 1/2 mile east of US Highway 51. Winter said that she was speaking to Jamie R. Winter, 20, of Tower Hill and did not see the road markers. Winter said she begun hitting the road markers and swerved but over corrected and began sliding in the gravel. Winter struck the guardrail on the south side of the bridge, which caused extensive damage to the bridge, and spun approximately 360 degrees before coming to rest. No injuries were reported.

On August 22, Joseph W. Carey, Jr., 21, of Rochester was traveling northbound on 625 East Road when a deer entered the roadway around 2675 North. Carey stated that he was approaching a bridge and was unable to avoid striking the deer. No injuries were reported.

On August 21, Randy A. Green, 54, of Taylorville was parked facing eastbound in the westbound lane on Township Road 1150 North approximately 800 feet west of Township Road 1400 East. The front end of Green's vehicle was partially off the roadway. Kenneth V. Melvin, 87, of Taylorville was traveling northbound on Township Road 1400 East and had proceeded through the curve into Township Road 1150 North proceeding westbound. Melvin stated he did not see Green parked on the roadway and struck the vehicle. Green received passenger side damage and Melvin received front panel passenger side and passenger door damage. No injuries were reported. Green's vehicle was a Kawasaki Mule which is used by Taylorville Lake Department to spray weeds. Green had brought the vehicle to the scene to assist in fixing a mower along the side of the roadway. The mower was attached to a small tractor which was parked along the roadway facing west.

Ryan E. Clay, 20, of 2 Hannon Mobile Home Park, Taylorville, was arrested August 22 for battery and causing bodily harm.

On August 22, a Taylorville Police Department officer made contact with Ryan E. Clay, 20, of Taylorville at Taylorville Police Department. The officer knew Clay had a valid warrant out of Christian County. The officer ran Clay's information through the Law Enforcement Agencies Data System and verified the warrant. Clay was placed under arrest and transported to Christian County Correctional Center in lieu of bond on the warrant.

On August 22, Taylorville Lake Patrol called to report that they had Steven J. Dewitt, 18, of Taylorville and a 13-year-old male stopped for riding ATVs on lake property. A Taylorville Police Department met with Lake Patrol and issued ordinance violations to Dewitt and the 13-year-old.

On August 18 at 6:26pm, Taylorville Police Department officers were dispatched to Cherokee and Palmer for a traffic crash. After arriving on scene and checking for injuries, an officer spoke with Jake T. Hankins, 19, of Taylorville. Hankins said he was traveling south on Cherokee Street and Kelly A. Tucker. 25, of Taylorville turned in front of him. Hankins said he applied the brakes but was unable to stop in time and struck the back passenger side of Tucker. The officer then spoke with Tucker who said she was traveling north on Cherokee when she went to turn left onto Palmer Street and was struck by Hankins. Tucker said Hankins came "flying" down the street and struck her vehicle. Henry S. Alvey, 50, of Taylorville stated he was traveling north on Cherokee behind Tucker. Alvey saw Hankins turn left in front of Tucker and siad he did not think Hankins was driving fast. Leonard V. Durbin, 59, of Taylorville also witnessed the crash while he was standing in front of his residence. Durbin said there was no way Hankins could stop in time when Tucker turned in front of him. Durbin also said that he did not think Hankins was traveling fast. A 4-year-old and 6-year-old who were passengers in Tucker's vehicle were transported the Taylorville Memorial Hospital for injuries that were not physically evident. No other injuries were reported.

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