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The Christian County Board held their monthly meeting at the Courthouse Tuesday night. When it came to the approval of last month’s minutes, member Lloyd Washburn spoke up and issued an apology for his vote against the Fraternal Order of Police negotiation team:

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The approval of the team failed on a 9-7 vote at least month’s meeting. The Board accepted Washburn’s apology but no further action was taken.


The Christian County Board was told that the Buildings and Grounds Committee received an elevator report in regards to upgrades that would cost an estimated $262,000. Board member Charles DeClerck voiced concerned over the bill but Chairman Paul Schmitz said it was nothing that needs to be taken care of right away:

[audio:schmitzelevator082013.mp3]comment here[/audio]

Buildings/Grounds Supervisor Zach Hicks is reviewing the bill and will report back to the Committee what he finds out.


The Christian County Board was presented with an amendment to the Enterprise Zone fee schedule. Board member Fred Curtin told the Board what the change would be:

[audio:curtinenterpisezone082013.mp3]comment here[/audio]

Board member Joe Marley was opposed to the change saying they should further review how much money the zones are making before they lower the amount of money they can receive. Curtin said there would have to be 16 million dollar project to even come close to that $50,000 max. Marley still voted against it but the Board approved the amendment on a 15-1 vote.


The Christian County Board approved the increase of the septic fee from $100 to $150. They also approved the motion on a 15-1 vote to begin charging an annual food permit fee for facilities such as schools, churches, and senior centers who currently pay nothing to a standard flat fee of $100 which would allow them to hold as many dinners as they wished. Board member Tim Carlson voted against this fee. The Board approved the low bid of $274,493.53 from Yamnitz & Associates for the Greenwood Bridge. They approved a preliminary engineering agreement with Kuhn & Trello for Ricks Bridge and approved a contract with Atlas Soils for the soil borings that are required for the Ricks Bridge Project. The Board also heard of several ideas for the 175th anniversary celebration next year that included a beard contest, a county float for the parade, and an open house at the courthouse.


The meeting adjourned at approximately 7:00pm.

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