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Pictured Left to Right Allen Corzine, August Program Chairman Joe Hauser, Randy Sexton, Kiwanis Vice President Chris Weittenhiller.

Randy Sexton, from the Assumption Grain Co-op, made a presentation to the Taylorville Kiwanis Club on Tuesday August 20th. Kiwanians learned that Illinois is normally the second largest producer of both corn and soybeans behind the state of Iowa. Randy detailed the decline in American corn exports mainly due to the large increase in demand for American ethanol production. American soybean exports have instead increased due to the demand for soybean meal in China for hog consumption. China currently produces five times as much pork as the United States. Foreign countries are continuing to make up a larger percentage of the total grain exports. Assumption Grain Co-op has five locations in Christian and Shelby counties. You can learn more at www.acoop.com. For more information on Kiwanis go to www.taylorvillekiwanis.com

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