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Mike Crews shakes the hands of the Aldermen and Mayor after being appointed Fire Chief.


After several months of looking over resumes, Mayor Greg Brotherton made an appointment to the Fire Chief position at the Taylorville City Council meeting Monday night. Mike Crews, who has been serving as the Acting Fire Chief, was chosen to officially replace the retired Jeff Hackney. Mayor Brotherton spoke on the process leading up to the decision:

[audio:mayorfirechief081913.mp3]comment here[/audio]

Alderman Ray Koonce said they couldn’t have found a better candidate for the job:

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The Council unanimously approved the appointment.


The Taylorville City Council heard a resolution in regards to the construction of the 700 foot partial parallel taxiway to runway 18/36 at the Taylorville Municipal Airport. Alderman Martin Vota said they need to move on with the project:

[audio:votaairports081913.mp3]comment here[/audio]

The Council approved the project and also approved the construction of the Taxiway A extension.


Taylorville Mayor Greg Brotherton brought up at the City Council meeting the 175th anniversary of Taylorville and Christian County which will be celebrated next year. Mayor Brotherton then provided the Council with a history tidbit during his update:

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Mayor Brotherton said he will be reading a historical fact at every meeting from this point on.


The Taylorville City Council was presented with two motions in regards to have City Attorney Rocci Romano prepare ordinances for the installation of fire hydrants by request of property owners both outside and inside city limits. The Council approved the motion that if a property owner outside city limits requested that a fire hydrant be installed, they would be responsible for all cost. A problem arose when the second motion was brought to a vote that stated if a property owner within City limits requested that a fire hydrant be installed, they would be responsible for half of the cost. Alderman Shawn Burtle voiced his concern on the issue:

[audio:burtlehydrant081913.mp3]comment here[/audio]

The Council voted to table the subject until further discussion has taken place.


The Taylorville City Council approved the installation of a boat lift at Lake Lot 479. They also approved amendments to the City Code in regards to Disorderly House, Solicitation, and Public Intoxication. The Council approved motions to reduce the Outside City Limits Customer Service Fee to $60 and increase the Inside City Limits Customer Service Fee to $30. The Council also approved the acceptance of the low bid of $13,884.13 from Blakely Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing for the Airport heating system and approved the payment of $130,230 to Maxcore Inc. for the Cherokee Street Tower Project.


The meeting adjourned at 7:54pm.


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