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Rickie L. Abbott, 34, of 604 Northwestern Street, Taylorville was arrested August 12 on a original arrest warrant for being a felon that failed to return from furlough.

Colt A. Stephens, 24, who is reportedly homeless, was arrested on August 12 for possession of cannabis and drug paraphernalia reportedly.

Logan A. Snow, 22, of 1114 West England Street, Taylorville was arrested on August 12 on a bond forfeiture for battery and causing bodily harm.



On August 11 around 2:57am, a Taylorville Police Department officer conducted a traffic stop on the listed vehicle due to no taillights on the rear of the trailer. When the officer stopped the vehicle, he noticed that the license plate on the trailer was expired. The officer made contact with the driver and while speaking with him, the officer noticed that Cory J. Worker, 24, of Taylorville was the rear passenger. The officer confirmed through dispatch and the Law Enforcement Agencies Data System that Worker had a valid warrant from Christian County. Worker was placed under arrest and transported to Christian County Correctional Center in lieu of bond.

On August 12 at 5:30pm, Taylorville Police Department officers were out at 1114 West England in reference to Logan Snow, 22, of Taylorville who had a valid warrant. Snow was located at that address and his warrant was confirmed through the Law Enforcement Agencies Data System. Snow was arrested and transported to the Christian County Sheriff's Office.

On August 9 at 11:32am, Victoria J. Ethchinson, 79, of Findley was traveling west on Park Street and stopped at the intersection of Park and Webster Street preparing to turn North onto Webster Street. Randy W. Leigh, 56, of Pana was traveling behind Ethchinson. Leigh stopped, then proceeded, causing a collision. Both vehicles were able to drive from the scene. No injuries were reported.

On August 12 at 8:22am, Rose E. Scott, 83, of Taylorville advised she was traveling south on North Shumway and got to close to a parked car. Scott said she could not avoid striking the vehicle which was legally parked in the 300 Block of N Shumway. Scott was towed from the scene and issued a citation for improper lane usage.

On August 9 at 7:25am, April E. Adermann, 40, of Taylroville, was traveling west on Park Street and was stopped at the traffic light at the intersection of Park and Walnut Street. Jonathan W. Newlin, 61, of Taylorville, had also been traveling west on Park Street and had stopped at the light to turn north onto Walnut. Newlin was driving larger vehicle and pulled partially into the left lane in order to make the turn. While making the turn, Newlin, turned back into the land and struck Adermann. Both vehicles were able to leave the scene.

On August 9 at 11:10am, Cheri L. Cott, 40, of Taylorville was traveling east in an alleyway behind St. Mary's and was coming out was toward Main Street. Just prior to coming to the sidewalk that runs along the west side of Main Street, a 12-year-old boy on a bicycle rode along near the building and into the drivers side of the vehicle. The boy was thrown off the bicycle and onto the hood of the vehicle. Cott was able to drive away from the scene. The boy was transported to Taylorville Memorial Hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

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