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Kyle G. Sheley, 27, of 2005 E 1350 North Road, Taylorville, was arrested August 11 for domestic battery.

Brandon L. Winchester, 20, of 803 E Ash Street, Taylorville, was arrested August 11 for consumption of liquor by a minor.

Zachary W. Mills, 20, of 407 W 3rd Street, Taylorville, was arrested August 11 for consumption of liquor by a minor.

Daniel T. Crosby, 18, of 358 Illinois Route 29, Pana, was arrested August 9 on a bond forfeiture for possession of liquor by a minor.

Christopher L. Jackson, 29, of 601 W Washington Street, Bloomington was arrested August 9 for financial institution fraud (720 5/16h-25-1)

Cory J. Worker, 24, of 913 Taylorville Boulevard, Taylorville, was arrested August 11 for manufacturing and delivery of cannabis

Devin M. Stone, 27, of 709 N Ridge Road Apt. 6, Taylorville, was arrested August 12 for driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs.


Matther R. Dawson, 31, of Taylorville was eastbound on Highway Rt 104 and Dominic R. Podeschi, 28, of Taylorville was westbound. Around 870 East, Dawson was distracted from his inside his vehicle and crossed the centerline into the lane of travel of Podeschi. Podeschi entered the north ditch to avoid a collision, then re-entered the roadway, spun 180 degrees crossing into the eastbound lane, and entered the south ditch backwards. No contact was made between the vehicles. No injuries were reported.

On August 9, a Christian County Sheriff's Deputy responded to the intersection of Boch and West South Streets in Hewittville for a single vehicle accident. The officer arrived on scene and saw a damage to the guardrail at the intersection. The officer also observed a front license plate present at the guardrail. The plate was run through dispatch and the owner of the vehicle was identified as Gregory L. Miller, 33, of Stonington and the vehicle was identified as a white Ford SUV. Several witnesses said they saw a white SUV strike the guardrail and continue west on West South Street. Officer made contact with Miller at his residence and he stated he had struck the guardrail but became nervous and left the scene.

Blake R. Knearem, 28, of Shelbyville, was northbound on US Highway 51 and was slowing down to turn west onto 700 North Road. Knearem said that he was approaching the intersection with his left turn signal on when Donald R. Barry, 77, of Assumption hit him. Donald said he did not see Knearem until just before the crash. Donald ran into the back end of Knearem aprroximately 10 feet south of 700 North Road. No injuries were reported. There were no skid marks at the scene
Maxx G. Emerson, 22, of Taylorville was southbound on County Road 7. Emerson stated that a deer ran into the roadway just south of Township Road 1685 North. Emerson was unable to avoid striking the deer. No injuries were reported.

Brett A. Kohl, 28, of Taylorville was stopped at the intersection of 2100 North and 700 East behind Linda C. Vonck, 56, of Taylorville. Vonck started into the intersecion but saw a vehicle approaching from the west and reversed back into the intersection hitting Kohl. No injuries were reported.


On August 9, Taylorville Police Department officers were sent to 401 North Lawn in reference to a domestic battery. Upon arrival, officers spoke with the victim Kristina Young and with suspect Kyle Sheley, 27, of Taylorville. After speaking with both subjects, Sheley was arrested for domestic battery.

On August 9 at 6:30pm, Taylorville Police Department officers were out at Manners Park by the basketball court in reference to a large group of kids smoking marijuana. Following an investigation, Dylan B. Stockdale, 20, of Taylorville was arrested for possession of cannabis. Stockdale was transported to Taylorville Police Department processed and released with a notice to appear.

On August 9, a Taylorville Police Department officer was advised that Hunter J. Oliver, 21, of Taylorville, who the officer knew have a valid warrant out of Shelby County, was a passenger in a vehicle that was traveling west on Bidwell Street. The officer made a stop on the vehicle and made contact with Oliver. The officer ran Oliver's info through the Law Enforcement Data Agencies System and verified the warrant. Oliver was placed under arrest and was later transported to Christian County Correctional Center in lieu of bond.

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