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Area Arrests/Accidents/Incidents 7-9-13



On July 1, Jackson B. Hedges, 19, of Moweaqua, was traveling on 2525 East Road. Around 1750 North, a deer ran into the roadway and struck the side of Hedges. Hedges received damage to the back driver's side of his vehicle. No injuries were reported.

On July 6, Maranda T. Patterson, 29, of Gillespie stated she was east bound and did not know what to do after the accident so she drove to Sullivan where her boyfriend was and he told her to call the police. Patterson stated she thought it was a silver vehicle. Hedges was also wrong about where the accident occurred saying that it happened east of 2300 East Road on County Highway 6. This was about 4 miles from where the accident happened. Dustin F. Porter, 32, of Mattoon stated he was west bound and Hedges came over the slight rise and their mirrors hit. Porter was unable to give any more of s description than a dark SUV. Porter said that he was not over the center line. An officer located the mirrors to both vehicles. They were lying on their respective sides of the roadway and there was no indication as to which vehicle was over the center line. No injuries were reported.

On July 7, both Jody L. Hill, 38, of Rosamond and Steven L. Salsi, 61, of Rosamond, were traveling east on Route 16. At Walnut Avenue in Rosamond, Salsi stopped to turn right. Hill dropped an item and while reaching for it, she did not see Salsi turning. Hill hit Salsi causing damage to both vehicles. No injuries were reported.


Reid T. Patrick, 24, of 4600 Passfield Road, Rochester, was arrested July 8 on a bond forfeiture for failure to appear.

Nathan T. Mount, 18, of 1218 South Fourth Street, Shelbyville, was arrested July 8, on a bond forfeiture for driving on a revoked license and driving on a suspended license

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