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On July 2, Larry Thomas, 72, of Edinburg, reported to Christian County Sheriff;s Office that unknown person(s) had entered in to his machine shed on 2128 North 900 East Road and cut the leads off his welder and stole them.

On July 1, Daniel Simmons, 54, of Mt. Auburn telephoned the Sheriff's Office in reference to a burglary. An officer was sent to the scene and spoke with Simmons and his son-in-law. The building is located at 1069 East 2600 North Road and sits on 10 acres if land surrounded by corn fields. The unknown subject(s) drove in a field entrance on the east side if the property through a small patch of corn. Three building were entered, the machine forcibly. The subject(s) pried the walk-in door of the Morton building open and entered. Once ind=side they cut the 25' leads off of the welder. They also stole 270' of 12-3 W/G wired and headed west on TWP Road 2600 North.

On July 2, Bruce Brockelsby, 57, of Edinburg, reported to Christian County Sheriff's Office that unknown person(s) made entry into his machine shed located at 2104 North 900 East Road and stole copper wire, an extension cord and copper tubing.

On July 1, Michael L Rees, 30, of 2761 North 1000 East Road, Mechanicsburg called the Sheriff's Office to report his ATV stolen. He advised that the ATV was there Saturday night but Sunday morning it was gone. Rees said that it was a 2004 Polaris 500 Predator. He advised that he contacted his insurance and that they requested a report. Rees valued the ATV at around $2000.


Todd W. Tonelle, 47, of 715 North Lawn Avenue, Taylorville, was arrested July 2 on a bond forfeiture for possession control.

Shelli R. Scott, 42, of 1413 East 1100 North Road, Taylorville, was arrested July 3 for possession control and driving under the influence of drugs.


On July 2, Taylorville Police Department officers were sent to Walmart for a report of a theft by employee. Officers arrived and spoke to all parties. John P. Mathon, 61, of Taylorville was arrested, transported to Taylorville Police Department, processed and released.

On July 2 at 5:45pm, a Taylorville Police Department officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle at Bidwell near Cherokee. Following the stop, Christopher Crow, 28, of Taylorville, was arrested for driving wile license suspended. Crow was released on a notice to appear.

On June 29, William Z. Bates, 81, of Taylorville was backing out of his driveway. Bates did not see Doris J. Bianchetta, 78, stopped in the roadway. Bianchetta stated she honked her horn but did not get Bates' attention. Bates struck Bianchetta with his rear bumper on the front driver's side quarter panel.

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