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Tenaska today announced that it is discontinuing its development efforts for the Taylorville Energy Center proposed for Christian County, an advanced coal-fueled electric generating facility designed to capture carbon dioxide. The company will focus its efforts on ongoing development of natural gas-fueled and renewable facilities to customers across the nation.


Over the past seven years Tenaska has served as the managing partner of Christian County Generation, LLC, a limited liability company that has sought to develop the Taylorville Energy Center.


The Taylorville Energy Center is a clean coal project that, to be viable, required the passage of both legislation to create a “Clean Coal Portfolio Standard” framework and implementing legislation to facilitate the long-term sale of the initial project’s electric output, according to Bart Ford, Tenaska Vice President of Development.


Ford added the Illinois Clean Coal Portfolio Standard was signed into law during the 95th General Assembly in 2009. However, implementing legislation was not passed in the following years.


Ford indicated that Tenaska has reached the end of the resources that it can devote to continue this effort, therefore the company has made the difficult business decision to withdraw from Christian County Generation.


The company’s business partner, MDL Holding Company, will continue as the project owner.


Ford said Tenaska has appreciated the strong support that the Taylorville Energy Center received from the local community.


Regional Radio News has learned that Tenaska will be putting its Christian County property up for sale.


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