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Christopher R. Lewis, 26, of 1503 West Elm Street, Taylorville was arrested on June 6 for driving on a suspended/revoked license.



On June 4, Dale L. Copenbarger, 73, of Mount Auburn was traveling northbound on County Highway #19 and had stopped at the stop sign with intersecting road County Highway #2. Raymond P. Wartenbe, 65, of Mechanicsburg was driving eastbound with a 7-year old boy and Maggie D. Wartenbe, 64, of Mechanicsburg on County Highway #2 and was approaching the intersection with County Highway #19. Wartenbe stated he observed Copenbarger at the stop sign and then proceeded into the intersection. Copenberge stated he stopped at the stop sign but did not see any approaching vehicles and proceeded into the intersection to continue traveling northbound. Wartenbe was unable to avoid striking Copenbarger. Copenbarger came to rest in a field at the northeast corner of the intersection and Wartenbe came to rest in the ditch at the northeast corner of the intersection. Copenbarger received driver's side damage and Wartenbe received front end damage and front passenger side panel damage. Copenbarger was transported for treatment of injuries by a private vehicle. Maggie Wartenbe was transported to St. John's Hospital in Springfield for treatment of injuries. 


On June 6, Linda L. Hinton, 59, of Witt was traveling north on Christian County Highway #1 at about 750 North. A deer entered the roadway from the east and hit Hinton. No injuries were reported.


On June 5 at approximately 1:30pm, A Chirsitan County officer was dispatched to Illinois Route 51 at 500 North for a two vehicle accident with unknow injuries. The officer arrived on scene and found Randal K. McElroy, 56, of Nokomis, in his vehicle in the ditch on the west side of IL Rt. 51 and Areli Ellsworth, 26, of Mulberry Grove in the ditch on the east side. EMS arrived and transported McElroy to Pana Community Hospital, and Ellsworth as well as 2 children to Pana Community Hospital. The officer spoke with McElroy at the hospital later. McElroy stated he saw Ellsworth southbound on IL Rt. 51 and believed her headlights were two separate vehicle's headlights further away. Ellsworth stated McElroy did not make a complete stop at IL Rt. 51. No injuries were reported.



On June 4, Thomas L Vonck, 57, of Taylorville, Elizabeth M, Nelson, 20, of Taylorville, and Eric Lancaster, 39, of Pana, were all headed east on Park Street. Lancaster and Nelson were slowed in traffic. Vonck struck Nelson in the rear of the vehicle. Nelson was pushed into Lancaster causing damage to the front and rear of Nelson. This also caused damage to the rear of Lancaster. Vonck also had damage to the front end of his vehicle. No injuries were reported. 


On June 6, both Carly N. Fleming, of Taylorville, 18, and Courtney R. Wilson, 21, of Kincaid, were traveling west on Spressor Street near Houston Street. Wilson was slowed in traffic. Fleming was traveling directly behind Wilson. Fleming was not able to stop or slow down before striking Wilson in the rear area. Injuries were reported but not physically evident.

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