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Joshua F. Haines, 28, of 1519 West Elm Street, Taylorville was arrested on June 4 on a bond forfeiture for failure to appear or answer.

Robert W. Oliver, 36, of 2100 Grand Boulevard Apartment A1, Taylorville was arrested on June 4 for violating sex offender registry.

Lawrence E. Tolliver, 61, of 1115 East Franklin Street, Taylorville was arrested on June 4 for violating sex offender registry.

Zachary G. McFarland, 23, of 312 North Jefferson, Ramsey was arrested on June 4 for driving on a suspended/revoked license.

Clayton A. Langley. 24, of 100 West Washington, Pana was arrested on June 4 for issuance of warrant.

John R. McGlothlin, 41, of Edinburg was arrested on June 4 for driving on a revoked license.



On May 31, Ellie D. Held, 17. of Morrisonville was traveling South on Route 48 with 3 minors. Held said that she drove into water on the roadway and lost control of her vehicle. Held traveled off of the roadway to the right then back onto the roadway crossing the north bound lane of traffic and into the south ditch and overturned one time. Held and the 3 minors were taking to Taylorville Memorial Hospital.


On May 31, Claude N. Friesland, 58 of Ramsey, was traveling north on 1000 East Road approaching the intersection with 1800 North Road. Friesland said he did not see Michael S. Dugan, 42, of Taylorville, approaching the hill crest traveling east and collided with Dugan in the intersection. Friesland was issued a citation for failure to yield at a stop or yield intersection. North and south bound traffic at this intersection have yield signs. No injuries were reported.


On Hune 3, Angela K. Doherty, 27, of Taylorville went to Christian County Sheriff's Office to report being in an accident on June 1 at approximately 3:330am. Doherty stated that she was east bound on 400 North Road at approximately 650 East Road when she drove into standing water. Doherty said that she doesn't remember what happened next but the vehicle began taking water. Doherty stated that she opened the door to exit the vehicle and the rushing water pushed the door backwards. Doherty said that the vehicle was later towed by an unknown company. No injuries were reported.


Robert J. Payne, 56, of Owaneco was eastbound on TWP Road 850 North on June 4. Approximately one half mile east of TWP Road 1600 East, a deer ran into the path of Payne. Payne struck the deer causing damage to the vehicle. No injuries were reported and the vehcile was driven from the scene.


On June 5 at 6:02am, Roselyn P. Huber, 60, of Nokomis, was northbound on County Road 1. Huber stated that a deer ran into the roadway but was unable to avoid striking the deer. No injuries were reported.



On June 4 at 12:52pm, Zachary G. McFarland. 23, of Ramsey, came to Taylorville Police Department to turn himself in on a warrant. McFarland was run though Law Enforcement Agencies Data System and he came back with a valid warrant from Christian County for failure to appear for driving suspended. McFarland was arrested and transported to the Sheriff's Department. McFarland was processed and posted bond.

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