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Area Arrests/Traffic Accidents 5-20-13



Vicki L. Pickel, 63, was arrested on May 19 for driving under the influence.

Antwain L. Riles, 37, of 925 E. Adams, Taylorville was arrested on May 18 on a bond forfeiture for violating work release rules.

Beverly Ann Miller, 39, of 24 Illini Drive, Taylorville was arrested on May 18 for possession control.

Joseph C. Lucas, 22, of 2100 South Grand Boulevard, Taylorville was arrested on May 17 for possession of cannabis and possession of drug paraphernalia.


On May 17, 2013, Rudy D. Rees, 60, of Kincaid was traveling northbound on Illinois Route 48 approaching the village of Morrisonville. Rees was following a farm tractor. William D. Hull, 44, of Litchfield was behind Rees and another vehicles. Hull reportedly checked if Rees and the other vehicle were going to pass the tractor but did not see any indication and began to pass them. As Hull came along side Rees, Rees began to pass and allegedly struck Hull. Hull recevived front passenger damage and Rees received driver's side damage. Rees was transported by Morrisonvile ambulance to Taylorville Memorial Hospital for treatment of injuries.

On May 18, 2013, Orville A Harris, 55, of Taylorville was traveling southbound on Illinois Route 48 approximately 1/2 mile north S. Spresser Street in Taylorville. Harris reportedly looked back at an approaching semi-truck. When he turned around, a Can-Am motorcycle in front of him was braking. Harris applied the brakes leaving approximately 100 feet of skid marks. Harris allegedly struck the rear tire of the Can-Am causing him to lose control. Harris's motorcycle went down on its side, skidding approximately 84 feet before coming to rest on its side facing west. Harris received front end damage and was transported by Sutton's ambulance to Taylorville Memorial Hospital for treatment of injuries.



On May 19 at 11:00am, Robert Oliver, 36, of Taylorville was arrested for a false police report and theft. He was processed and released on a notice to appear for June 20, 2013 at 10:00 am.

On May 17 at 11:39am, Taylorville Police Department Officers were dispatcher to 925 E Adams Street for reference of underage drinking outside the trailer. There were five minors arrested for illegal consumption and Antwain L. Riles, 37, of Taylorville was arrested for contributing to the criminal delinquency of a minor. Illinois Department of Corrections issued a warrant for Riles. He was transported to Christian County Correctional Center on the warrant. The other five were released to family members after processing.


Keving G. Stich, 65, of Taylorville was reportedly attempting to turn left onto North Cheney from Casey's West and was waved out into the roadway by another driver. Stich says when he pulled out he did not see Conner J. Lingl, 16 until he allegedly struck him. Lingl was traveling south on North Cheney approaching West Spresser when Stich allegedly pulled out and struck him. Stich had damage to the front end and Lingl received damage to the front passenger side of his vehicle. No injuries were reported.

On May 13, Robert J. Samson of Taylorville came to the Taylorville Police Department to report that his vehicle was struck sometime over night. There was reportedly blue paint transfer on his vehicle. The crash occured at 510 South Shumway. The matter is still under investigation.


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