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The Prairie Heart Institute of Springfield held their annual Stat Heart Round Table Dinner at the Crowne Plaza on April 18th in Springfield.  Pana Community Hospital received the award for Best Improvement in Overall Performance.  To achieve this award, PCH partnered with Pana and Assumption Ambulance to achieve a time of 81 minutes from Door to Device  and meet the national standard in treating patients who are having a heart attack.  In this particular case, the patient’s right coronary artery was 95% blocked and had the clogged artery opened in Springfield in the 81 minute time frame.  


The Prairie STAT Heart program was developed in 2004 and was one of the first in the country to focus on streamlining emergency care to meet the national goal of providing non-surgical treatment of diseased arteries within 90-120 minutes from a patient’s arrival at a rural community hospital. 


Pana Hospital teamed up with Prairie Cardiovascular Consultants and St. John’s and Memorial hospitals in Springfield in July of 2005 to activate the Stat Heart Program.  Under the leadership of Rosemary Horsthemke who was ED Manager at the time, PCH was the 4th hospital to activate the STAT Heart program.  Currently, thirty community hospitals participate in the program. 

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