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Christian County Board Declines Gift of Sharpsburg Property from Wells Fargo

The Christian County Board had an opportunity to accept the gift of property offered to them by Wells Fargo. The property was currently in repossession and would be transferred to the Board with a free and clear title. Chairman Schmitz stated that he had looked at the property and that some major work would need to be done on the bathroom, but over all, it was pretty solid property. It was pointed out that the County would need to keep the property insured and mowed until such time that it sold. Board member Pearce stated his misgivings about getting into property and especially in light of the fact that the property had been for sale for an extended period and had not sold. After some discussion, it was decided by the board to decline the gift.

In other business, the board approved the purchase of several pieces of equipment including 2 chip spreaders from Woody’s Municipal Supply for $9,936. The purchase of  2 snow plows, one 12’ reversible and one expressway, were approved in the amount of $9800 from Valk Manufacturing. Permission was once again given to the Christian County National Day of Prayer Task for the use of the north portico. The portico will be used for the annual Bible Reading Marathon from Saturday, April 27th through Tuesday, April 30th.

There was a lengthy discussion about the possibility of renting out the Courthouse for special events. Much of the discussion centered around the ability to serve alcohol. It was decided that the Highway, Building, Grounds Committee would present a possible plan at the next board meeting.

It was decided to split special funds that are set aside in the County’s budget in the amount of $300, between Twin Pines Cemetery in Pana and Langley Cemetery in Langleyville as had been done for the past several years. It was also agreed to allow the sale of an old laptop to Colleen Hadley. The laptop had been appraised in the amount of $350 by CTI. The meeting was adjourned at 7:20.


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