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Christian County YMCA Board of Directors

At the annual meeting of the Christian County YMCA, the Board of Directors recognized the service of retiring Board Members and welcomed three new Board Members.

Brad Paisley, Aaron Calvert, Dick Lyons, Mike Brotherton and Sean McGinnis were recognized for their numerous contributions to the YMCA. The YMCA recognized their service with the presentation of a plaque.

Also, at the annual meeting, the YMCA welcomed three new Board Members.  Bruce Kettelkamp and Duane Stock will form the class of 2015 and Tammy Rhoades will join the class of 2013 with the option of serving an additional 3 year term.

The new board members help make up a sixteen member Board of Directors which also includes Karol Davis, Kenny Hadden, Linda Smith, Melisa Livingston, Michael Hady, Amy Hagen, Kevin Kietzman, Bill Chapman, Bob Febus, John Gardner, Mike Havera, Mary Del Valle and Scott Stallman.


Pictured above (left to right) are the new YMCA Board Members Bruce Kettelkamp, Tammy Rhoades and Duane Stock.

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