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Mike Bell of the Project 29 Committee, gave Christian County Economic Development Corporation board members an update on construction on the remain 6 miles of Route 29 around Edinburg, at the board’s quarterly meeting this afternoon.

Bell talked with Regional Radio News after the meeting, about the comments he gave board members, saying that he was just notified a few minutes before the meeting, that the move of a pipeline that was delaying construction, will now move forward as soon as the weather breaks.

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Bell added that the new 4-lane Route 29 around Edinburg has spurred further economic development in the community.

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Bell added that Ayerco is planning to move their existing convenience store closer to the 4-lane, with land already purchased, and will likely add some kind of fast food restaurant as part of their move.

Project 29 holds their monthly meeting at the Edinburg Restaurant Wednesday night.

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