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After a 2-and-a-half hour executive session, the Taylorville City Council Monday night voted to allow the Christian County Integrated Community Services, to build their proposed Hathaway Homes subdivision behind the Taylorville V-F-W.   The council voted in open session following the executive session, with aldermen Earl Walters, Bruce Jones, John Lawrence and Ernie Dorchinez all voting yes.  Voting no were aldermen Shawn Burtle, Rob Heberling, Martin Vota and Ray Koonce.  Mayor Greg Brotherton broke the tie, voting to allow the subdivision to be built.

The project was approved last month by the Taylorville Planning and Zoning Commission, but was turned down by the full Council on grounds that the city didn’t need more subsidized housing.

In a Street and Sewer Committee meeting last week, officials with C-C-I-C-S, including executive director Jeff Copley and the attorney representing the agency, Ted Graham, informed the committee of what stages of the project have been addressed, and what the agency has already invested monetarily.

Attorney Graham told the Committee meeting last week, that while his client had not yet filed a law suit against the city for its failure to approve the project, the agency intended to do so if the City did not take action to, quoting Graham, “remedy the problem.”

Committee members stated the issue would be placed on the Council’s Monday night agenda, for council members to go into executive session to discuss probable litigation, which is what occurred after conducting the council’s regular business, with the decision being to allow the subdivision to be built.

C-C-I-C-S was instructed to submit their plat to the Taylorville Council for approval, at an upcoming Council meeting.

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