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Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp is supporting a resolution adopted by the Illinois Sheriff’s Association. The resolution mirrors one passed by the National Sheriffs’ Association .  Seventy-three Sheriffs were in attendance at the Conference held in Springfield.  The Sheriffs also voted unanimously not to support the proposed legislation House Bill 132 that bans certain weapons. 

Sheriffs from across the state of Illinois say it is their responsibility and duty to uphold the Constitution including the Second Amendment. They say law abiding citizens are not the cause of random acts of violence in our communities and that the focus should be primarily on the lack of mental health services in our country.

County jails continue to detain individuals who have been remanded to the Department of Human Service Mental Health Division for treatment.  On February 1st there were sixty-six (66) of these individuals waiting for placement, some of which have been waiting for over four months.


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