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A Central A and M Student appears on television’s Jeopardy this week.  Jordan Villenueva is on the game show’s “Teen Tournamant”.  Villenueva says he was surprised to learn that he’d been selected:

[audio:JordanVillanuevaUnbelievable.mp3]comment here[/audio]

Jordan says the selection process was lengthy:

  [audio:JordanVillanuevaJeopardyProcess.mp3]comment here[/audio]

Jordan says a lot depends on the categories.  He says he has subjects in which he excels:

 [audio:JordanVillanuevastrengthsandweaknessesforjeopardy.mp3]comment here[/audio]

Jordan, a high school senior, came in third place in his first appearance. He may not be done, however, as high scorers may advance to the next round.

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