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 width=A standing room only crowd of several hundred Christian County residents, packed the Taylorville VFW Hall Wednesday night, to hear a presentation by the committee calling themselves the “Citizens for Christian County Public Schools.”  The committee’s goal is to pass a one-percent sales tax countywide, for school facility purposes, on April 9th.

The tax would generate some 2-point-2 million dollars a year for county schools beginning in 2014.  The one-percent sales tax would not apply to drugs, groceries, cars, trucks, or A-T-V’s, boats, R-V’s, mobile homes, farm equipment, parts or inputs sold inside of Christian County.

Former judge John P. Coady was emcee for the 50-minute presentation, saying the state of Illinois has not followed thru with funding for local schools.

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Taylorville school superintendent Doctor Gregg Fuerstenau explained how the one-percent county-wide sales tax would work.

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Taylorville mayor Greg Brotherton told the capacity crowd Wednesday night, that the school funding problem can’t go away on its own.

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Christian County board chairman Paul Schmitz also echoed his support for the sales tax referendum.

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Greater Taylorville Chamber of Commerce president and C-E-O Patty Hornbuckle told the standing-room-only crowd that her board voted unanimously to support the sales tax increase.

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Chairman of the Christian County Economic Development Corporation, Dick Adams, told the crowd at the Taylorville VFW Wednesday night, that economic development and education go hand in hand.

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Adams went on to say that the Sales Tax Referendum Committee formed various sub-committees to assist in passage of the referendum, including a finance committee, telephone committee, door-to-door committee, signs and distribution committee, social media committee, and a teas and coffees committee.

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Christian County Clerk Linda Curtin also spoke about the fact that early voting will start for the April 9th election on February 28th, and the last day to vote early is April 8th.

Anyone that would like to help, should contact their local school superintendent.








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