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On Monday morning Kyle G. Sheley 27 of Taylorville was going east on East Bidwell Street in Taylorville. A witness saw Sheley pass the witness' vehicle then after Sheley had turned the witness saw that Sheley had hit a light pole and broke it in half.

Sheley also allegedly ran over a street sign belonging to the city of Taylorville and an evergreen tree that was in the front yard of 606 East Bidwell Street. This tree then caused damage to the front porch of the residence at 606 East Bidwell Street.

There were approximately 63 feet of tire marks that started on the eastbound lane and ended on the curb of 604 East Bidwell Street. The passenger of the vehicle Veronica M. Woodruff 27 of Petersburg received facial and head injuries and was transported to Memorial Medical Center in Springfield.

Sheley had leg and head injuries and was sent to Taylorville Memorial Hospital and then transferred to Memorial Medical Center in Springfield.

Sheley was then cited for improper lane usage, driving too fast for conditions, failure to reduce speed to avoid an accident, failure to wear a seat belt, illegal transportation of alcohol and driving under the influence of alcohol. Sheley's Ford truck was towed from the scene of the accident.

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