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The Christian County Economic Development Corporation board of directors held their quarterly meeting this (Tuesday) afternoon in the meeting room at People's Bank and Trust in Taylorville, to review on-going economic development efforts in the county.


The first order of business was paying off the remaining 32-thousand dollars the C-C-E-D-C owed the Taylorville Development Association. The Association had loaned the corporation some 66-thousand dollars just over a year ago, to keep the economic development corporation going thru some lean times. Corporation chairperson Dick Adams presented T-D-A president Ken Hart, with a check to pay off the balance, at the Tuesday meeting. Adams told Regional Radio News that the corporation board has worked diligently over the past year, to improve its financial position.


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In the quarterly report from the corporation's executive director Mary Renner, the highlight was information she shared with the board, that 2 different retail developments, are looking at Taylorville's northwest corridor to locate. Renner told Regional Radio News after the meeting, that it's an excellent sign that economic development in the county is continuing.


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Renner told board members that Tenaska has indicated they will not attempt to do anything with their proposed coal-to-methane project for the county that needs General Assembly approval, during next month's lame duck session. She added it's not known if they'll give up the project altogether.


Mike Bell of the Project 29 Committee, told C-C-E-D-C board members, that officials with the Illinois Department of Transpotation have indicated that Rocky Express will be re-locating their pipeline that's in the current 4-lane Route 29 construction zone near Edinburg, next spring. Construction crews ran into their existing pipeline that apparently wasn't on construction maps, at the start of work this fall. Bell added it should not hold up completion of the 4-lane road.


Pana economic development director Jim Deere reported the Egizzi building is for sale, and that officials are working on securing buyers. Deere added the recent ribbon cutting at the newly expanded National Greenhouse went well, with the company doubling the size of their building. And he said that the City of Pana has several tax increment financing applications that they've received.

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