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The Taylorville School Board held their monthly meeting last evening and one issue discussed at the meeting has been on the docket for a long time.

That issue is the changing of the grading scale at the Taylorville High School to 10 point scales like other school districts in the area.

David Driskell the Chairperson of the Curriculum Committee says that this change will make THS students more competitive when it comes to scholarships.

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This motion passed unanimously at the meeting 5-0. A change to the THS class rank will be discussed at a future school board meeting as well.

Another issue discussed at the meeting was the County School Facility Tax. Taylorville Schools Superintendent Dr. Gregg Fuerstenau says that this tax will provide some revenue to update the buildings in the district.

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Since the Taylorville School District has more than 50% of the students in the county with the passing of this resolution the tax will automatically be voted upon in the upcoming local election.

Although Fuerstenau does say that he believes the other school districts in Christian County are going to vote on this resolution during their board meetings this month.

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Again that resolution passed unanimously at the meeting and will be voted upon in the April 2013 local elections.

Another issue discussed at the meeting was the West School Property and School Board and Building Committee member Seth McMillan says that even though the West School Building is not being used that does not mean it is usable.

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The School Board agreed to discuss the West School Property further during its retreat in January.

Other topics passed at the meeting include: a consideration of the 2012 Tax Levy, the consideration of improvement plans at THS and Memorial Elementary and the consideration of board policies. All those considerations passed unanimously at the meeting.

The next school board meeting is scheduled for January 14th of 2013.


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