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The Taylorville City Council met on Monday evening and one issue discussed prior to the meeting in a public hearing was the topic of electric aggregation.

There were some questions raised at the meeting about the electric aggregation plan having some vague statements in it.

Alderman Earl Walters of Ward IV says he did not initially support the plan at the meeting.

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Another issue discussed at the public hearing about the electric aggregation plan was brought up by Alderman Martin Vota of Ward II. Vota says that he wanted some clarification on the smart meters assistance that was in the plan.

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The ordinance came up at the meeting to authorize the mayor and city clerk to execute an electric power aggregation plan of operation and governance and that passed unanimously. The ordinance passed with the understanding by alderman and the mayor that some amendments will be made to the plan to fix some of the wording.

Another public hearing that happened before the meeting discussed the issue of a zoning amendment. Mayor Greg Brotherton explained the plan.

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Brotherton explained why he believes the council decided to vote the amendment down.

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That amendment was voted down by the council 8-0.

Another motion discussed at the meeting was one to extend the sewer line behind the 400 block of South Cherokee Street 80’ to the north for an estimated cost of $9,000 for materials to be paid with city funds and using city labor.

Alderman Earl Walters says that this extension of the sewer line was needed.

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That motion also passed unanimously.

Another motion passed at the meeting included the annual abatement which passed unanimously. There were two Street and Sewer committee motions that passed unanimously at the meeting. One was pay request #3 from TNT Contracting Inc. for $83,726.42 for the addition of the Ward II city park Phase 3 Storm Sewer Project. The other Street and Sewer Committee motion that passed was a pay request from McIntire and Company for Kenmore Phase II and Phase III projects which cost $53,347.73.

The last motion passed at the meeting was the payment of bills. The amount of bills paid by the city was $319,744.93. The next city council meeting is scheduled for December 17th.

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