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The Taylorville City Council met last evening for the first time in three weeks because of October having five Mondays.

Many motions were passed at the meeting one motion passed at the meeting was a $5,000 donation to the Christian County Economic Development Corporation from the City of Taylorville.

Mayor Greg Brotherton says that the city donated this money because the CCEDC helps promote the city to new businesses.

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That motion passed unanimously at the meeting. Another motion passed at the meeting was a motion to approve the city to give up to $700 annually for the LED lights for the downtown area.

Brotherton says that this new technology can help save the city some money in the long run.

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That motion also passed unanimously at the meeting. Something discussed in the Mayor Updates was Christian County Emergency Manager Mike Crews going to the northeast to help people hit by Hurricane Sandy.

Brotherton says that not only will this help the people of the northeast, but this could help Taylorville in the future.

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One Street and Sewer Ordinance motion passed at the meeting was to direct the City Clerk to prepare an ordinance to vacate Ricks Street on the South Side of Gandy Street so the cemetery can expand in the future.

Alderman Earl Walters of Ward IV says that this will help provide some more cemetery plots.

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That motion passed unanimously. Another motion that passed unanimously at the meeting was a motion to remove a stray tree at 311 West Adams Street.

Walters says that the tree was a safety concern.

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Another motion passed at the meeting include a motion to approve the Mayor’s appointment of Cindy Brown to the Human Resource position full time.

Another motion passed was to bid and/or advertise for the Heavy Equipment Operator position at the Lake Department.

The next City Council meeting is scheduled for November 19th.

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