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 width=There will be a monthly online newsletter at the Taylorville Junior High School. This will be the first newspaper started at the junior high in five years.

The newspaper idea was brought to the attention of TJHS Principal Kirk Kettelkamp and Assistant Principal Beth Vincent by 6th grader and editor of the paper Xanna Tomasello.

The first meeting of the newspaper club was on September 20th and the club will meet every Thursday from 3:15 pm to 4:00 pm.

Sixth grader Brian Sklenka  the Technical Adviser for the paper says that he has experience with website design.

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(Pictured left to right in the back row are: Kalab Beaman, Nick Livingston, Brian Sklenka, Carter Walton, Traci Johnson, Anna Mathias and Noah Nelson pictured in the front row left to right are Tyler Davis, Jacob Kilduff, Olivia Hadley and Riley Barker. Not pictured, but also a part of the club are Xanna Tomasello, Matt Cody, Josie Gollahon, Dylan Tipsword, Lakota Clark, Jessica Mathias, Perrie Gardner, Alea Corriveau, Valerie Donnan, Blake Beckley, Taylor McArdle, Abigail Smith, Megan Myers, Raven Rozplochowski, Cali Best, Brooke Williams, Izzy Newberry, Christopher Durbin and Jacob Boehm.)

Sklenka says that he does a lot of different things for the paper.

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Sixth grader Rayne Miller has been working to get some donations to help the new TJHS newspaper. Miller says that she likes to interview people.

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Miller also says that she wanted to get donations to help the club because it has been so long since there has been a junior high paper.

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7th grader Noah Nelson also works for the paper in the advice column and sports column. Nelson says that he wanted to write for the newspaper because he plans on having a career in writing.

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Nelson also says that the paper will cover a lot of different news stories.

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The paper will be available online at the Taylorville Junior High School Website.

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