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The race for the new Illinois 13th US Congressional District is heating up. In a recent poll taken by Victoria Research Democrat and Bloomington native Dr. David Gill currently leads with 40%, Republican and Taylorville native Rodney Davis is at 39% and Independent and Edwardsville Native John Hartman has 8%.

Davis says that there are some big differences between Gill and himself.

[audio:rodneydavisspendingproblem.mp3]comment here[/audio]

Gill says that he thinks this election will come down to him not taking money from big corporations like his opponent Davis.

[audio:davidgilldonationstodavisbyexxon.mp3]comment here[/audio]

Davis says that he believes that this is a very important election because of all the recent job loss in Illinois.

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Gill says that he believes this election is important because there are people in Washington DC that do not care about the public interest.

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The candidates will be holding a debate at Illinois State University next Wednesday at 6 pm in the Brown Ballroom of the Boone Student Center in Normal, IL.

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