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The Taylorville School Board held a meeting last night and many issues were discussed at the monthly meeting.

One topic brought up was the issue of the annual financial report done by Lively, Mathias, Hooper and Noblet. The report was presented to the board by Adam Mathias.

Some important numbers brought up at the meeting was the Revenues which were near $2 million less than last year because of loss in federal and state funding at $20,402,916, and the expenditures which were at $20,412,375.

These numbers accounted for a net loss in the fiscal year of $9,459. The financial profile score of the district though was very high at 3.9. The financial profile score is rated as follows: 1.00 to 2.61 Financial Watch, 2.62 to 3.07 Financial Warning, 3.08 to 3.53 Financial Review and 3.54 to 4.00 Financial Recognition.

School Board President David Cowell says that the district has been closely watching its money.

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In Fact the Taylorville School District was recognized at the meeting as a 2012 school search bright star award winner. This award is given to districts that shine despite their low funding. Cowell says that Taylorville’s School District does a lot with a little.

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Also talked about at the meeting was the issue of the possible changes to the grading scales. Although these issues that were brought up previously by the curriculum committee were tabled because Superintendent Fuerstenau was not able to attend the meeting due to a death in the family.

Cowell explained why he thought the board should table these measures.

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Other issues brought up at the meeting included the designation of district representatives to receive nominating petitions for the April 9 2013 board election. The two people who are going to be running are Gail Hoffman and Julie LeBeane. This motion passed unanimously.

One other issue brought up at the meeting was the overnight trip requests which included the Taylorville Girls Bowling team for December 7, 2012, January 11 2013 and January 25 2013, The Taylorville Boys Bowling team for December 27, 2012 and January 4 2013 and the Taylorville High School FFA for the National FFA Convention October 24 through October 27 in Indianapolis Indiana this trip will include all three FFA advisers. This motion passed unanimously.

The next Taylorville School Board meeting is scheduled for November 13th.

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