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 width=Taylorville Mayor Greg Brotherton announced over the weekend, his intent to seek a second term as mayor.


In a prepared statement released to the media on Saturday, Brotherton said that the city has made great progress towards addressing some of its major needs, including the investment of almost 10-million dollars in repairs and upgrades of the city's storm sewer system, and the start of a dredging program at Lake Taylorville.


Brotherton added the City of Taylorville has continued to move forward despite the recession, with Taylorville Memorial Hospital's multi-million dollar renovation and expansion project, and the expansion of retail business in the Taylorville community.


Brotherton in his weekend statement, concluded by saying that serving as mayor has been one of the greatest honors he's ever experienced and would appreciate the opportunity to continue serving for another term.


The filing window for Taylorville city offices has opened. Treasurer Terri France has indicated she is not seeking re-election; City Clerk Pam Peabody has announced her intent to seek re-election. Mike DeMichael has announced he will run for treasurer in the April 2013 city election.


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