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The Taylorville City Council met on Monday evening and one important issue that was discussed was the annexation of some Langleyville properties into the City of Taylorville.

Some citizens of the Langleyville properties affected by the annexation came to the meeting and discussed the issue with the council members.

One topic brought up by a Langleyville citizen was whether or not these citizens would get city sewers after being annexed.

Taylorville Mayor Greg Brotherton says that unfortunately the city cannot afford that expenditure.

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Another topic brought up by a Langleyville citizen was the issue of the current Langleyville Road speed limit and whether it should be decreased after the annexation.

Alderman Earl Walters of Ward IV says that he believes the speed limit on Langleyville Road should have been changed a long time ago.

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The measure to annex some of the Langleyville properties into Taylorville was passed with 6 yes votes and one abstention.

Another topic of debate at the meeting was the property at 26 Illini Drive for sale by the city. There was one bid on the property for $1000 by a neighbor of the property.

Alderman Ray Koonce of Ward I says that he believes the city should have taken the offer.

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Brotherton says that he agrees with Alderman Koonce.

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The measure to sell the property at 26 Illini Drive for $1000 failed with 3 yes votes and 4 no votes.

Another motion that was passed at the meeting was the motion to approve blocking the 800 block of Taylorville Boulevard on October 13th from 3 pm till 10 pm for a block party.

This block party is for some missionaries who were on a long mission trip and are returning home. This measure passed unanimously 7-0.

Another ordinance that passed unanimously was one to approve a contract with SIMEC, LLC D/B/A Southern Illinois Municipal Electric Cooperative to serve as the City of Taylorville’s exclusive consultant for its electric aggregation program and for engagement of the lowest cost electric wholesale supplier.

All motions sent to the council from committee were passed unanimously at the meeting and those include:

A motion to allow Police Chief Herpstreith to purchase two computers including monitors from Patrick 411 at a cost of $1,393 each.

A motion to allow Police Chief Herpstreith to purchase two stalker dual moving radar units on Illinois State bid at a price of $1,399 each.

A motion that Mike Crews will be reimbursed the Educational Tuition Expense in the amount of $268.50.

A motion to reinstate the Safety Incentive Program as presented.

A motion to bid and/or advertise for the Heavy Equipment Operator position for the Water Dept. as presented.

A motion to give permission to Superintendent Dick Wiseman to advertise for the position of recycling attendant for the Street Dept.

A motion to raise the rate for the Langleyville Public Water District 10% to establish the new rate at $3.99 per 1,000 gallons for the next 12 months.

A motion to select Crawford, Murphy and Tilly to provide the engineering services for any city airport projects until the next consulting engineering selection process as either required by the governing authorities or as deemed necessary by the city.

A motion to direct the mayor to sign the Professional Services Contract with Crawford, Murphy and Tilly Inc. to provide engineering services for airport related projects.

A motion to enter into an agreement with Crawford, Murphy and Tilly Inc. for Illinois Project #TAZ-4096 and Illinois Block Grant No. 3-17-0100-B13 to construct Taxiway A extension at the Taylorville Municipal Airport at an approximate total cost of $800,000 which the city will only be paying $60,000 in phases and to direct the mayor and city clerk to sign the name.

The next City Council Meeting is scheduled for October 1st.

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