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The Taylorville City Council met on Tuesday evening because of the Labor Day holiday. At the beginning of the meeting Taylorville Mayor Greg Brotherton mentioned that Water Superintendent Dave Speagle could not make it to the meeting because of a death in his family and the council then had a moment of silence for the death of Speagle’s sister.

Later on in the meeting an issue that was brought up was a special use request by Professional Video Systems Inc. at 425 South Cheyenne Street. This issue was brought before the plan commission who recommended the council vote it down.

Alderman Martin Vota of Ward II says that this project had some sewer concerns.

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That measure was voted down unanimously at the meeting 7-0.

Another issue brought up at the meeting was the issue to rescind the August 30th Special City Council Meeting Minutes where the council discussed pay raises for elected officials.

Alderman Vota made this motion to rescind and says he did so because he changed his decision on the issue.

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The motion to rescind failed with a vote of 6-2 as Mayor Brotherton was able to vote on the matter.

Another issue brought up during the mayor updates was the issue of the voluntary water restrictions that have been in place in Taylorville. Mayor Brotherton rescinded those restrictions in his updates.

Brotherton says that there is no need for the voluntary restrictions anymore.

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Other issues passed at the meeting included:

A resolution for a  Public Utility Easement Agreement with Philip H., and Henryetta Tullis  

A resolution for a Public Utility Easement Agreement with the City of Pana, Illinois

An ordinance  amending Paragraph 2 of Title 11, Chapter 9, Section 1 of the City of Taylorville Code Addressing Site Development Plans

An ordinance rescinding City of Taylorville Ordinances 1857, 1858, and 2428 Addressing Signage Governing Traffic on Haner Avenue, Taft Street, and Maxwell Street, and Amending City Ordinance No. 1931 as Found At 6-4-3-1 to Correctly State the True Name of Haner Avenue

A Motion to allow Youth Hunting at Lake Taylorville October 6th and 7th with the same rules as last year

A motion to allow trapping at Lake Taylorville for the 2012/2013 Season, with the same rules as last year

A motion to allow the Knights of Columbus to hold their Annual Tootsie Roll Drive on September 21st and 22nd at the corner of West Main Cross and Webster Streets\

A motion to allow the Taylorville High School Homecoming Parade at 5:30 P.M. on Thursday, September 27, 2012 with the same route as last year

A motion to direct the Street & Sewer Department to remove the Spruce tree at 2305 Lakeshore Drive

A Motion to direct the City Engineer to apply for an Illinois Green Infrastructure Grant Program for Stormwater Management

Again all those motions passed unanimously. The next Taylorville City Council meeting is scheduled for September 18th.

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