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The Taylorville Park Board met on Monday night and many important issues were discussed. The most heated and important issue discussed at the meeting was the issue of the Durbin family reunion and how the Durbin family had a member stay in the park so they could set up the tables for their reunion the next morning.

Tony Rouleau of the Durbin family explained the situation to the board members.

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Board Attorney Robert Broverman explained the ordinances that could stop Rouleau from staying in the park in future years.

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Board President Marlane Miller and Board Vice President and Trustee Don Bragg got a bit heated when talking about this issue.

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It was decided at the meeting that there will be a special meeting that will discuss the ordinances.

Another issue brought up at the meeting was the issue of a cheerleading team that was chosen to perform in the Philadelphia Parade on Thanksgiving and the event will be televised. The only problem is that the team is $5800 short of their goal to make the trip.

So the cheerleaders, Brooke Burke, Kodi Smith and Sierra Beck went to meeting and asked the board members for some donations.

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Many board members donated as individuals to the cheerleaders as they did not want to donate park money to the cheerleaders. If you want to donate some money to the cheerleaders so they can make the trip to Philadelphia you can contact Diana Smith at 820-5674.

Another issue brought up at the meeting was the trees in the park and how they can be kept in good condition for years to come.

Kevin Carlen a Certified Arborist who works for Shelby Electric Cooperative says that if the board pays him mileage he would be happy to help them with the trees.

[audio:KevinCarlenCertifiedArborist082812.mp3]comment here[/audio]

The park board voted unanimously for Carlen to help work on the trees with the park paying Carlen mileage.

Another issue brought up at the meeting was to dedicate the east ball diamond at Manner’s Park to Terry Huffines who announced many games at that field. Also the board decided to dedicate a bench where Huffines used to sit to announce the games. This motion passed unanimously at the meeting. There was a dedication tentatively scheduled for April to rename the field to Huffines Field.

The next Taylorville Park Board meeting is scheduled for September 24th.  

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