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The Christian County Board met last evening and many important issues were discussed at the meeting. The meeting started off discussing the retirement of long time Sheriff’s Deputy Greg Hosto who has served Christian County for 32 years and has been the Chief Court Security Officer of the Christian County Courthouse since 1999.

Christian County Board Chairman Paul Schmitz says that Hosto has been very important to the Christian County Courthouse and Christian County as a whole.

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Also discussed at the meeting was a new position called the County Building Maintainer. Schmitz says that this position will oversee maintenance issues at all the county buildings.

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Schmitz says that he believes this new position could actually save the county money in future years.

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That motion to propose the new position passed with two nay votes by Lloyd Washburn and Joseph Marley.

Another issue talked about at the meeting was the County’s bulk gas usage. Schmitz says that this saves Christian County funds.

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Another matter discussed at the meeting was the transportation report in regards to the transportation service that has been in the works for many months. Schmitz says that he hopes to have the service set up by late spring.

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There will be a meeting discussing the service on Thursday at 6 pm in the Taylorville Memorial Hospital Auditorium.

Other motions passed at the meeting included the approval to request to fill a secretary position in the probation office, the motion to accept the electric bid from Ameren for 4 cents per kilowatt hour. The county currently pays 6 cents per kilowatt hour and the changing in wording to allow gambling machines that the state allows in to bars in Christian County.

Again all those motions passed unanimously.

The next Christian County Board Meeting is scheduled for September 18th.  

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