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 width=The Taylorville City Council met last evening and many issues were discussed at the meeting. One issue brought up during the Mayor Updates by Mayor Greg Brotherton was the recent plane crash on Rich Street and a meeting that will discuss the response to the accident.

Brotherton says that the meeting will evaluate what was done correctly and incorrectly in response to the plane crash.

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Brotherton says that the accident did cost the city around 5 to 10 thousand dollars.

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Also brought up at the meeting was the increase in sewer tap permit fees.

Alderman Earl Walters of Ward IV says that this increase will help pay for upkeep on the sewer.

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That ordinance passed unanimously 7-0 at the meeting.

Another ordinance at the meeting was to relocate three handicapped parking spaces in front of the Senior Citizens’ Center.

Alderman Walters says that this move is needed.

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That ordinance also passed unanimously at the meeting.

Other ordinances and resolutions passed at the meeting included.

A Resolution for Amendment No. 7 to Agree for Engineering Services with Benton & Associates, Inc. Related to Water System Improvements to the Cherokee Street Water Storage Tank

An Ordinance Authorizing the City to Enter Into Certain Annexation Agreements such as Water Annexations

An Ordinance Amending Title 6, Chapter 4, Section 1 of the Taylorville City Code

to Address Stop Signs at the Intersections of Haner Street and Taft Street, and Haner Street and Maxwell Street
An Ordinance  Rescinding Ordinance No. 3566 Entitled ‘An Ordinance Amending Title 6, Chapter 4, Section 3-1 of the Taylorville City Code Addressing No Parking on the North Side of Cleveland Street’

A Motion to allow the MINAS Morgul group permission to hold Autumn Wars on September 14th, 15th, and 16th at Lake Taylorville in the area west of the shed and north of the Shady Rest Campgrounds

A Motion to approve the request of Shawn Mitchell to allow a boat lift on Lake Lot #14 with Mr. Mitchell adhering to the Lake Lot Lease and approved plans

A Motion to allow Waterfowl Hunting on Lake Taylorville for the 2012/2013 Season with the same rules as last year and Deer Hunting (Bow only) on Lake Taylorville for the 2012 Season, except for October 6th and 7th due to Youth Hunting on the North end of the Lake, with the same rules as last year

A Motion to approve the recommendation of Duane Stock to extend the Airport Farmland

lease for Nation Farms for an additional four years at the current rental rate of $411.88 per acre with Nation Farms paying for limestone material and spreading costs necessary to raise the pH levels for better profitability

A Motion to select SIMEC as the City’s Electric Aggregation Consultant and forward the sample ordinance to the City Attorney for review

And a Motion to direct the City Attorney to amend Chapter 9 “Site Development Plan” 11-9-1, paragraph two (2) deleting “plan commission” and replacing with “City Engineer”

All of those motions passed unanimously at the meeting with 7-0 votes.

The next Taylorville City Council Meeting will be on September 3rd.

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