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 width=The Taylorville City Council met on Monday night and many issues were discussed. One of the issues brought up at the meeting was the motion to allow the use of a city street for the sale of alcohol at the Chillifest.

The council decided tabled the measure with a vote of 7-1 the one nay vote being Alderman John Lawrence of Ward I.

Alderman Earl Walters who was against having alcohol sold at Chillifest says that it was not the street and sewer committee as a whole who wanted to bring up the issue of beer at the Chillifest, but just one alderman.

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Another issue brought up by City Attorney David Fines was the issue of annexation of residences into the City of Taylorville, and how the city would pay for any sewer issues if some residences were annexed.

Taylorville Mayor Greg Brotherton says that issues will have to be paid for by the existing budget.

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Brotherton also brought up the topic of the water levels at Lake Taylorville in the Mayor Updates portion of the meeting.

Brotherton says that the 3 inches of rain got the water levels back to normal.

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The motion of dredging at Lake Taylorville passed unanimously.

Every motion except for the previously mentioned motion to table the issue of alcohol at Chillifest passed unanimously the motions that passed unanimously included.

An Ordinance  Authorizing Sale of Real Estate (Jermaine Property – 26 Illini Drive)

The Motion to have the Mayor sign the “Notice of Intent to Award” the Rehabilitation of the 500,000 Gallon Water Storage Tank on Cherokee Street to Maxcor, Inc., for the amount of $629,400.00

The Motion to allow Taylorville Firefighters to solicit funds at the corner of Webster and West

Main Cross on August 24th and 25th and on August 31st and September 1st.

Again all those motions passed unanimously.

The committee report motions that passed unanimously include

The Water/Environmental Committee –

The motion to accept the low bid for the Rehab of Well #2 of $24,665.00 for cleaning and treating, $14,666.00 for rebuilding the Aquastream or $19,333.00 for replacing the Aquastream from Brotcke Well and Pump.

The motion to allow Superintendent Speagle to purchase a Ditch Witch Model 950R receiver and Model 950T transmitter at a cost of $3,922.30 from Ditch Witch Sales, Inc.

The motion to accept the quote of $2,115.00 plus the $36.00 per month from Wareham’s Security for a security system for the Country Club storage buildings.

The Lake/Airport Committee

The motion to select the Gold Level Plan for the annual service agreement with Q T Technologies Fueling Terminal for an annual fee of $995.00.

The motion to forward the Dam Inspection papers for the Locust Creek Detention Basin Dam to Greene and Bradford for completion at a cost not to exceed $600.00.

The motion regarding dry dredging at Lake Taylorville.

The motion to approve the minutes of the Lake/Airport Committee Meeting of August 6, 2012.

The Finance Committee

The motion to approve the Sam Taylor Façade Grant Applications and amounts as presented: (Pending the completion of the façade project the amounts may vary).

The Public Facilities Committee –

The motion to approve the Municipal Building Masonry Repairs Change Order #2 and to pay the invoice received in the amount of $1,509.36 from Evans-Mason, Inc. for the additional work.

The Street & Sewer Committee –

The motion to prepare an Ordinance to amend Section 6-4-3-4 A and 6-4-3-6 to designate the first two parking spaces west of Shumway to be designated for parking of the vans at he Christian County Senior Citizens Center which will change the current Handicapped Parking areas as marked on the map as requested.

The motion to block off South Main Street from West Adams to the second alley past the school from Friday, September 14th at 4:00 P.M. until Sunday, September 16th at 6:00 P.M. for St. Mary’s Church Parish Fiesta and to coordinate plans with Superintendent Wiseman.

The motion to rescind Ordinance No. 3566 (No Parking on the North Side of Cleveland).

The motion to direct the City Attorney to prepare an ordinance increasing the Sewer Tap Permit Fees.

The motion to approve Pay Request #10 from McIntire & Company in the amount of $11,650.80 for the Ward II-Kenmore-Phase II-Storm Sewer Project.

The motion to approve Pay Request #7 from McIntire & Company in the amount of $86,261.20 for the Ward II-Kenmore-Phase III-Storm Sewer Project.

The motion to accept the low bid of $359,457.00 from TNT Contracting for the Ward II- City Park Addition-Phase III Storm Sewer Project.

The motion to direct the City Attorney to prepare an Ordinance to place a 4-Way Stop located at the corners of Haner/Taft and Haner/Maxwell.

The motion to accept the quote of $12,500.00 from S & S Fencing Company for removal of old corner fencing and the purchase and installation of approximately 575 ft. of fencing and two 20-foot Cantilever Gates for the Street Department.

The Emergency Services Committee –

The motion to apply for the Illinois Terrorism Task Force (I.T.T.F.) Communication Grant and if awarded to purchase nine Kenwood P 25 radios at a cost of approximately $1,500.00 each for a total of $13,500.00; with the grant approval our portion would be $6,750.00.

The motion to purchase three Panasonic Toughbook CF 30’s from Telrepco at a total cost of $5,560.00 and permission to connect the three with CMS at a cost of $3,000.00 for a total combined cost of $8,560.00.

The motion to purchase a one year supply of ammunition from Kiesler’s Police Supply at a cost not to exceed $18,017.23.

The motion to promote Ron Smith to Acting Fire Captain with Mr. Smith receiving the compensation for that position.

The motion to direct Mayor Brotherton to send a letter to the Board of Police and Fire Commission to promote Acting Fire Captain Ron Smith to Fire Captain and to beginthe process for a new Fire Captain List as Mr. Smith was the last name on the current list.

The motion to allow Fire Chief Hackney to apply for the 2012 S.A.F.E.R. Grant.

The motion to allow Fire Chief Hackney to purchase five sets (coats and pants) of fire gear at a cost of $1,500.00 each for a total of $7,500.00.

The Personnel Committee –

The motion to temporarily appoint Cindy Brown to the position of Human Resource Manager for a period of 90 days at a salary of $37,500.00 effective August 6, 2012.

The motion to approve and/or ratify payment of bills ($497,549.98)

Again all of those motions passed unanimously the next committee meeting will be on August 20

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