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Taylorville Park Board Discusses Manner's Pool June Numbers

 width=The Taylorville Park Board met last night and many issues were discussed. One important issue discussed at the meeting was brought up by Park and Finance Director Kelly Bland.

Bland says that the June numbers for the Manner’s Park Pool are up from last year.

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Also brought up at the meeting was the issue of the roof for the office building at Manner’s Park that is near the basketball courts as well as the roof for the restroom that is behind that office building.

Park Maintenance Superintendent Gary Brown says that he received a quote for the roofs.

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There was a motion brought up to accept the offer from RP Lumber at the meeting and it passed unanimously. The costs as mentioned by Superintendent Brown will be $1858 for materials for the office roof and $940 for materials for the restroom roof.

Jason Boldig Lakeshore Golf Course Manager was a guest at the Park Board meeting and he discussed how the drought like conditions was affecting the golf course.  

Boldig says that the dry weather has not been too much of a factor yet.

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Boldig continued by saying that there are some issues with some spots on the fairways though.

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After Boldig left the meeting to tend to the Lakeshore Golf Course there were some issues and ordinances discussed about the course. One oridance was to authorize transfer or loan of $40,000 annually to the Golf Fund and authorize transfer of previous debt and the Board of Trustees supporting annual capital of $40,000 per year to Lakeshore Golf Course and the committee for improvements to Lakeshore Golf Course supporting an annual $15,000-$20,000 per year.

These motions passed unanimously. Another motion brought up at the Park Board meeting was the motion for by J&D Golf Management to request for every one year in operation at Lakeshore Golf Course, receive one year extension. This motion was not passed nor voted on because the Park Board decided that the 5 year contract they currently have will be sufficient.

Also talked about at the meeting, but moved to the Building and Grounds Committee Meeting next Monday was the talk about Christmas in the Park. The beginning date for Christmas in the Park will be decided next Monday.

One other motion that passed unanimously was a motion to approve (2) 550 gallon. gas tanks with hoses, pumps and hardware  donated from Christian County Farmers Supply Co. in exchange for purchasing gas.

The next Park Board meeting will occur on August 27th.

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