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Taylorville City Council Discusses Water Rationing and a Residency Requirement


The Taylorville City Council met on Monday night and many important issues were discussed. One of the most pressing issues of the night was brought up in the mayor updates, by Mayor Greg Brotherton. This issue was the one of the possibility of water rationing in Taylorville. Brotherton says that the levels at Lake Taylorville are pretty good considering the dry conditions.

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Brotherton says that there is still a possibility of water rationing in Taylorville.

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Also brought up at the meeting was the agreement made by an arbitrator for the City of Taylorville and the Policemen’s Benevolent Labor Committee. This agreement says that a person can be on the police force, a firefighter, or a member of AFCSME if they live within a 6 and a half mile radius from the Christian County Courthouse. The Taylorville Fire Fighters Union Local 3144 and AFSCME Council 31 Local 3349 were made a part of the Police Union and City of Taylorville’s arbitrator agreement because of a “me too” clause regarding residence requirements. The motions legally, had to pass as an arbitrator made the decision for the City of Taylorville and the Policemen’s Benevolent Labor Committee and that arbitrator’s decision is legally binding, although there was a councilman who voted no to the motions.

Earl Walters of Ward IV was that alderman, and he says that if you work for the City of Taylorville you should be required to live within the city limits.

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Again, that motion passed with a vote of 7-1.

Another motion passed unanimously 7-0 at the meeting with one abstention was the motion for the Park Glen Site Plan. Alderman Shawn Burtle of Ward IV says that this motion will add additional parking spaces to Park Glen.

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Burtle also explained why he abstained from the vote.

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All other ordinances at the meeting passed unanimously, those ordinances include.

An ordinance to make appropriations to defray expenditures of the City of Taylorville for the fiscal year commencing May 1, 2012 and ending April 30, 2013.

An ordinance authorizing the submission to the electors of the City of Taylorville the question of whether the city shall have the authority to arrange for the supply of electricity for its residential and small commercial retail customers who have not opted out of such a program although this ordinance only includes Ameren customers.

An ordinance amending title 6 chapter 5, section 1 as it relates to the definition of “damaged vehicle” of the Taylorville City Code (Re: Demo Derby Cars)

An ordinance suggested by the Plan Commission to re-subdivision CVS.

An ordinance to ratify the payment of bills which totaled $255,597.12

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