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Summer Hot Lunch Program Helps Out Students in Taylorville

Many students in the Taylorville area get free or reduced lunches at their school. This occurs during the school year, but in summer it may be difficult for some families to get lunch for their children. A new program has started in Taylorville that will help out these families; it is called the summer hot lunch program.

Amy Hagen the Chair of Missions for the First United Methodist Church says that this program was made possible by area churches working together.

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Hagen says that kids from 2 to 18 can participate in the program.

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Hagen says that her work with Memorial School has helped her notice the need of a summer lunch program.

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Hagen says that students do not have to register for the program.

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You can get more information about the summer hot lunch program by calling the First United Methodist Church at 824-2782.


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