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Taylorville Police were called to the Hillcrest Trailer Court just before 3 o'clock Sunday morning, after a call to 911 complaining to 2 naked women causing a distrurbance outside a trailer.

According to the police report, officers were met outside by 41-year-old Tammy M. Price and 27-year-old Sabrina Lowis, both of Taylorville.  Both were outside and were loud from the start according to officers.  Police asked both of them to lower their voices, but they failed to do so, as officers reported both were allegedly intoxicated.

After talking with the accuser Damon L. Price, who made the 911 call, stated he was in bed and was awakened by the pair of naked women who were yelling and screaming outside.   Both women were arrested for disorderly conduct, and Lowis was also charged with disobeying a police offer.  Both were transported to the Taylorville Police Department, where they were processed and released on a notice to appear.

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