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Fiery Debate Occurs At City Council Meeting

Many topics were discussed at last night’s city council meeting. One of the biggest issues on the docket was the motion brought up in the personnel committee was to divide the salary, benefits, and associated costs of the cemetery sexton/Airport Superintendent between the airport and the cemetery.

The division decided at committee was to split the measure 65% to the cemetery and 35% to the airport. The measure was debated vigorously by Alderman Shawn Burtle of Ward IV. Burtle says that he wanted more information on the motion before it was brought to council.

[audio:ShawnBurtleClip061812.mp3]comment here[/audio]

Burtle also says that he wanted to see the time study that shows why there should be a 65-35 split.

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Burtle says that he is opposed to time studies.

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Alderman Rob Heberling of Ward II says that he thought that it was a bad time for Alderman Burtle to bring up the time study.

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Heberling says that the passion displayed in the debate between the Aldermen is good for the city.

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There was a motion to table the 65-35 split between airport and cemetery that failed with a vote of seven nays and one yay. The motion was then voted on and passed with 5 yays and 3 nays.

Also brought up at the meeting was the motion to incorporate the arbitrator’s decision into the police contract. This motion was sent to committee unanimously.

Another motion brought up in the personnel committee was to reinstate the policy of increasing the rate of pay for returning summer help by fifty cents per hour to $8.75 from the normal minimum wage of $8.25 per hour. Workers under the age of 18 for the city will be paid $7.75 per hour. This motion passed with 7 yays and one nay vote coming from Alderman Earl Walters of Ward IV.

Walters says that minimum wage pay for students is enough.

[audio:EarlWaltersClip03061812.mp3]comment here[/audio]

The only other motion not passed unanimously at the meeting was the motion to allow speed bumps in the Lake Lots 1-5 area on a trial basis with the Lake lessees to pay all expenses and to review at a later date. This motion was actually tabled with a six yay two nay vote.

All other motions passed unanimously in the Lake and Airport Committee include.

The motion to allow the MINAS Morgul Open Invitation on September 28-30 at Lake Taylorville in the same area as last year and the motion to approve the May 14, 2012 Boyd Dappert Youth Reservation Council Minutes.

Unanimously passed motions, resolutions, agreements and ordinances out of committee include. The Real Estate Purchase Agreement for 26 Illini Drive, The Real Estate Exchange Agreement between the City and Louis J. and Rebecca L. Sloan, the ordinance to place no parking signs on the north side of Cleveland Street approximately 40 feet West of Snodgrass and the ordinance to place two handicapped parking spaces in front of the Knights of Columbus Hall in the 400 block of South Walnut.

The Omnibus Vote was used to all of the Water/ Environmental committee motions, which include. The motion to accept the low bid of $48,025 from IMCO for Meter Well Lids, the motion to accept the low quote of 15,300 from S&S Fencing for purchase and installation of approximately 1000 feet of chain link fence for the High School Water Tower, the motion to accept the quote of $4,487 for basic sampling excluding bacteriological samples analysis, $1540 per bacteriological sampling for $3,720, totaling in $8,207 from PDC for the 2012/13 fiscal year, the motion to accept the low bid of $51,740 from Phil Tullis Excavating for the IL Rt. 29 Water Main Extension-Tullis Property and Nashville North Water Main Looping, and the motion to approve and/or ratify the payment of bills of $183,240.57. Again all of those motions passed unanimously.

The next City Council Meeting will be on Monday July 2.

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