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 width=The Taylorville School Board met last night, and discussed many pressing issues. One of the main issues brought up was the resolution for the sale of West School property.

Superintendent Gregg Fuersteneau says that this is the beginning of the process.

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That resolution needed ¾’s of the board members approval. The resolution passed with all members present voting to approve the resolution.

Also brought up at the meeting was the consideration of the Christian-Montgomery Regional Office of Education Truant Officer Assessment Agreement.

Fuersteneau says that the truancy officer helps principals get students to school.

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That agreement also passed unanimously.

Another item brought up at the meeting was the Consideration of the Elementary Computer Lab Bids.

Fuersteneau says that these purchases were planned out 5 years ago.

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The Board approved the bid by Bytespeed which offered the lowest price and has worked with the district in previous years. The current computers used at the elementary schools were 11 years old and will be recycled at BLH Computers in Springfield.

Another important issue at the meeting discussed was the cash flow of the district. The cash flow at the end of the period for this school year was positive.

Fuersteneau says that having a positive cash flow is important.

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Other items passed at the meeting unanimously included the recommendation that diplomas be awarded to James Johnson and Zachary Morganson, who have fulfilled the necessary requirements for graduation, the Consideration of the Notice of Appointment of School Treasurer for a term of one year beginning July 1, 2012, the consideration of a resolution that certifies a prevailing wage rate for the construction trades in Christian County, the consideration of workers compensation, property and casualty insurance and renewal of WCSIT Pooling Agreement, the consideration of Sports Bid for Fall 2012, the Consideration of a resolution for the abatement of $100,000 of the Working Cash Fund to the Fire Prevention and Safety Fund, and the Consideration of Board Policies. Again all of those motions passed unanimously.

The School Board went into Executive Session to approve recommendations for employment.

Teachers hired included: Angela Browne, Title I Reading at North School, Erika Collier PREP Teacher at the North PREP Center, Carmen Grendze French at Taylorville High School and Stephen Keller 7th Grade Math at Taylorville Junior High School.

Also there were people hired for extracurricular activities which included: Kim Pembroke for Pom Pons at Taylorville Junior High School, Rachel Wolfe Pom Pons Volunteer Assistant at Taylorville Junior High School, J.D. Pickett Football Volunteer Assistant at Taylorville High School, Gerry Stout Football Volunteer Assistant at Taylorville High School, Jeremy Alwerdt Football Volunteer Assistant at Taylorville High School, and Kathy Fergin Spring Musical Director Volunteer at Taylorville High School.

The next board meeting will occur on July 9, 2012.

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