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The City Council Meeting was held Monday night with all aldermen present, and many things were discussed. Mayor Greg Brotherton discussed the Tenaska Project and the frustration of it not being put up for a vote in the spring session. Alderman Rob Heberling of Ward II says that the Tenaska Project is in jeopardy.

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Also brought up at the meeting was the possible purchase of a property at 606 East Gandy Street for Oak Hill Cemetery. This was discussed, but eventually was sent to the finance committee due to liens on the property.

Heberling says that there will be hurdles in purchasing the property.

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There was a resolution brought up at the meeting to levy an additional tax of .02% for the Library Purchase of Sites and Buildings, for the Construction and Equipment of Buildings, and for the Maintenance, Repairs, and Alterations of Library Buildings and Equipment.

Heberling says that the verbiage in this resolution is misleading.

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The resolution passed unanimously.

Some other items brought up at the meeting were a resolution of a Public Utility Easement Agreement with Goeckner, Inc. which passed unanimously, an ordinance to ascertain the prevailing rate of wages for laborers, workmen, and mechanics employed on public works which also passed unanimously and an ordinance which amended title 8, chapter 4, section 9 of the city code addressing an increase in water rates for industrial users whose premises are located outside of the city’s corporate limits, this ordinance also passed unanimously.

There were also many motions brought up from the Street and Sewer Committee Report all of the following motions passed unanimously from that.

The Motion to approve the Annual Fourth of July Parade on July 4th at 10:00 A.M. with the same route as past years

The Motion to approve the Kiwanis Club’s request to solicit funds at the corner of Webster and Main Cross for their Peanut Days October 5& 6, 2012

The Motion to allow the temporary closing of approximately 160 feet of the South End of Walnut Street at the intersection of Camp Street for a real estate and personal property auction on June 23, 2012 from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M.

The Motion to allow the Taylorville High School Band Boosters to solicit funds at the corner of Webster and Main Cross on July 21, 2012 

The Motion to block the portion of West Market Street between Washington and Main Street from 3:00 P.M. to 6:30 P.M. on Friday, June 8, 2012 for WCIA, Channel 3 “Our Town” live broadcast promotion 

The Motion to direct the City Attorney to prepare an ordinance placing No Parking Signs on the North Side of Cleveland Street approximately 50 feet West of Snodgrass

The Motion to address all stop signs or need for stop signs on all east/west roads that intersect with Snodgrass Street

The Motion to direct the City Attorney to prepare an ordinance placing two Handicapped Parking Spaces in front of the Knights of Columbus Hall in the 400 Block of South Walnut

The Motion to approve Pay Request #5 from McIntire & Company in the amount of $362,987.49 for the Kenmore-Phase III-Storm Sewer Project

The Motion to approve Final Pay Request #8 from Feutz Contractors, Inc., in the amount of $15,909.10 for Ward II-Kenmore-Phase I-Langley Road Storm Sewer Project

And The Motion to scrap or sell the 1995 TV Van & 1962 Semi Tanker

Again all of those motions passed unanimously. There was also a motion from the public facilities committee that was to direct the Mayor to direct the City Hall Janitor to do the painting of the Municipal Building, This motion passed unanimously as well.

The next City Council Meeting will be on June 18.

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