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The General Assembly wrapped up their spring session on Thursday. One of the things passed through was a bill to increase gaming in the State of Illinois. State Representative Wayne Rosenthal says that he worries whether or not the gaming legislation will generate the income needed.

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The General Assembly also passed a removal of The General Assembly Scholarship because the scholarship was being used improperly by some politicians. Rosenthal says that he understands the abuses of The General Assembly Scholarship, but he does not think the scholarship should be eliminated.

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There was one thing that did not happen that was also an issue at the end of the spring session. There was nothing passed in regards to pension reform. There is going to be a special session to make sure something is passed though. Rosenthal says that what people were promised by the state is what they deserve.

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Governor Pat Quinn has stated that he plans on meeting with legislative leaders next week in hopes of negotiating a deal.

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