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Hometown Food Center in Pana Converting to Save-A-Lot

 width=Tim and Jennifer Christer, owners of Hometown Food Center in Pana, have announced that after operating their store for the past 10 years as a conventional grocery store, they will convert their operation to a Save-A-Lot store in the next 30 days. Christer told Regional Radio News that there will be a difference between how his store has operated, and how it will operate as a Save-A-Lot.

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Christer says the Save-A-Lot concept enables customers to save up to 40-percent on their food bill every day.

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The Save-A-Lot chain is one of the fastest growing grocery chain in the United States according to Christer.

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Christer says Sunday, April 22 will be the last day his store will operate as Hometown Food Center, with a target date for the opening of the new Pana Save-A-Lot being May 23rd.

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Hometown Food Center is located just south of Pana's downtown business district.

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