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Taylorville School Board Passes Motion to Change Basketball Court Name

At the Taylorville School Board meeting last night the name of the Taylorville High School court was changed. The court did not previously have a name and most people referred to the arena as a whole as the west gym.

The court will now be called Dolph Stanley Court The motion was originally to just have a plaque put on the front entrance stating the gymnasium as Dolph Stanley Gym.

Now the court will have writing on it that says Dolph Stanley Court. Kate Fraley brought the issue up at last month’s school board meeting, and said that a motion would be made for this month’s meeting in regards to the issue.

Fraley says that Dolph Stanley was a legendary figure in Taylorville.

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Fraley says that previous administrators did not want the court to be named.

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The motion passed unanimously.

Another very important issue at the meeting was in regards to a change in school codes. One of the main changes suggested by Assistant Principal Matt Hutchinson was to allow the usage of cell phones, as well as electronic devices during study hall, lunch, before school, and during passing periods.

A similar measure has been in place at the Chatham School District, although they let their students also use their devices during the final 10 minutes of class periods.

This change is only going to occur on a temporary basis. If the change does not work out the school district can switch back to not letting the use of cell phones occur during school hours at all.

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