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Solar Panel Agreement Causes Debate Yet Again at City Council Meeting

 width=The agreement with StraightUp Solar for a 19.20 Kilowatt grid Photovoltaic System was again a topic of debate as it came up this time in form of a resolution at the Taylorville City Council meeting.

With all 8 aldermen in attendance for Monday night's meeting there were six votes to approve the measure and two that said no to the measure.

One of the two aldermen who said no to the measure was Rob Heberling of Ward II. 

The other Aldermen who disagreed with the measure is Shawn Burtle of Ward IV. 

The payment for the plan will include money from the Reader's Digest "We Hear You America Campaign".

Heberling says he wants to see those funds put to a better use.

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Another topic that was briefly discussed is the annexation of the Taylorville Correctional Center into the city. This issue has been an ongoing struggle between Christian County and the City of Taylorville.

Alderman Heberling says that the issue with the prison has been going on for years.

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Another major issue was the cemetery Board of Managers Budget. Alderman Heberling says he appreciates their efforts to cut spending.

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Other things brought up at the City Council meeting was a motion to purchase a 2012 Ford Truck in the amount of $19,955 from Bob Ridings with the money for spending coming from the Perpetual Care Fund Interest.

Another item bought with money from the Perpetual Care Fund Interest was a 2012 740 Garden Tractor from Sloan Implement for the amount of $9,283.10.

Also the Water Department will transfer $2000 to the cemetery for the 2006 740 Garden Tractor that was previously in use.

Some events were also approved at the City Council Meeting including the United Way of Christian County Fundraiser which will be held on May 4th and May 5th at the intersection of West Main Cross and Webster Street.

Also the Sertoma Candy Day Fundraiser will also be held at the same intersection of West Main Cross and Webster Street, but will be on May 11th and May 12th.

One more event that was approved was the Taylorville Memorial Hospital Auxiliary 4th Annual 5K Run/Walk which will be held on May 5th.

The last concern brought up at the meeting was that there will be some delays and one lane roads on Spresser Street to fix potholes on one of the main commercial areas of Taylorville.

The next City Council Meeting is scheduled to be on April 16th at 7 pm.



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